ok yeah second youtube themed blog post but . this is so wild to me i gotta talk about it ..................

i've been watching ltt/ lmg (linus tech tips ) for like uhhhh 4 months ? ish? now; i got into them because of my bestest friend ever and alex is my fav ^_^ tynan is beating him but he's only been in like 2 videos so alex is higher up there rn ANYWAY . it's kinda fun they do tech stuff and review stuff and a lot of the reason why i actually got a good pc is because of them ! woooo education woooo techspace hard to navigate so its good to have shepards for that wooooo

but like . lately i've seen sort of a ... shift in the approach they're taking. and i'm not even a long time viewer or anything so yknow this could totally be seismic but i'm just seeing a little earthquake type beat. and the whole "trust me bro warranty " thing seems like a real nail in the coffin . hold on i will explain dw i'm not malding over a backpack it's about more than that .

ltt has always seemed like the boys club to me and . as a "the boys " enjoyer and "the boy " myself i sort of like that atmosphere, i feel like yknow . included somehow because i was never really allowed to engage with that before. buuuut the whole boys club deal came with some . weirdness . like they are Very Straight and make gay jokes that are super unfunny . they insult each other a lot . they do guy stuff and it never seems like they've wanted to expand . like imo if there was a non cis guy host for ltt i would be like AWOOOOOOGA new favorite . not in a weird way just in a "holy shit non cis guybros can be in tech and actually be dope af "

that isn't really where the issue lies though, even though that's part of the reason i've felt less invested in their content as of late. yall know im a hopecore communist . yall know i care a lot about developing stuff that's accessible to everyone etc. and that's where i start to feel weird about ltt. like watching their uhhhhh wish pc or idk thermal paste out of household items, it felt like "oh hey we're doing fun + informative stuff that we genuinely enjoy " but now it feels more like . about being right all the time.

and that's where the whole warranty thing comes in. no one was madge over the fact they didn't trust linus. they just wanted support and reassurance if they were going to invest in a 250 DOLLAR BACKPACK (which is wild . like i gettit . it is very high quality . but its so silly to me that hes like ohhhh warranty is w/e when you are selling a two hundred + dollar backpack . dude that's not walkin around money )

the fact that he started making it out to be a personal attack seemed really ... guttural to me. like clearly it's a instinctual reaction, clearly he's hurt that people would question this product that he's put so much time into! but at the end of the day, people aren't worried about the product, theyre worried about their money yk . and that line being drawn where he's now digging this hole where it seems like he thinks everyone is attacking him is just . man it makes me sad.

back to the point . making labs and making good products and all is DOPE . i love labs i am so invested in it (also . fuck man tynan is ballin i love his style i want to see way more of him ) but the scientific process and going about things is not that you assume you're right. you gotta know when you're wrong. you gotta take those ls. and you keep doin stuff because you loving making things ! and you love giving people the real info! so yeah . anyway . that wan show was really something man im glad luke was there to pull him in bc at the end of the day it REALLY isn't about linus.

i'll try and write more posts soon i like doing this a lot :] hopefully aren't all of them are critiques ahahah

EDIT: ohhhh my god HELP luke looks so fuckin mad at that trust me bro warranty shirt . to be honest i would also be . linus is going to dredge this up for far too long and literally he just needed to say like 1 sentence about it THIS IS WHY IM OWRRIED ABOUT THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!! STOP DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVES BRO