i'm damien, the man who's going to understand the whole world!

✨real life catboy - 20 - male

✨lives in your ethernet cables . sleeps in your router.

✨queer and will turn you gay (threat) (loving)

✨angel / artist / educator / physics experiencer / mathemagician

✨enjoyer of projection vectors of boy boobs onto the cartesian plane

NEWEST ART: nakama [BEEG ART UPDATE] 🎋 NEWEST BLOG POST: courting a study


lost & found


2.27.2024 added the lost n found! also fixed the overflow on here hehe ^_^ (proud)

2.26.2024 index overhaul.. updating right sidebar and bottom pocket slots next ^_^b

12.14.2023 made it so this section overflows haha

12.14.2023 holy shit i have not updated in a while. revamped my art section!

6.13.2023 linked the schedule page teehee check out my streams sometime!

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