the issue with being a mechie stem catboy and getting into shit like one piece is i will be like hm. yes. sanji would be an electrical engineer and zoro would be an industrial eng ... that sounds right. and i'll be completely serious. anyway yeah sanji still would cook but he can solder tiny components better than anyone else and his wire runs are immaculate every time. he color matches all his projects and puts screenprinted art on his pcbs. zoro thinks this is so inane and goes back to making routings for the planes and ships that usopp designs. luffy is just his normal ass pirate self (hacker. no just kidding he's just a regular pirate)

ohgod i keep forgetting to write about this but like. main sanji thought i turn over and over in my head. what would he do if nami or robin reciprocated him? how would he act? i don't think he's ever actually been with a woman before (which is like. another interesting thing, how did he get so into women, maybe working at the baratie with all guys made him long for a sophistication that he projects onto women) so would he know what to do? i find it so delicious to think about how world shattering it would be for him... very cute eheh

i need 2 draw bandaged sanji ... sniffles. he cares so much even if he's wounded he's still gonna push himself to the ends of the earth for his crew...

i totally think sanji would be the barber of the strawhats because of his style and attention to detail and fine motor control which already sets the stage for very cute zosan stuff but. i really think zoro would cut sanji's hair just because he would bug him so much about it (nami would never indulge him like that and usopp is too worried he would mess it up) . he uses a 3 sword style somehow

sanji's language of love is so awesome and sexy, thinking about eating people or savouring them or their flavor is just... chef's kiss. then again i am a sucker for senses in general but this one rlly tickles my fancy i suppose. oh btw i don't mean in a cannibal way and he doesn't either but the concept of people as dishes and love as feeding and just... being a part of each other's sustinence

decided that sanji + zoro first kiss is the same way i had one with one of my lovers... they're just messing around with each other but dancing around all the cute things like holding hands or kissing or dates and one time one of them ends up kissing the other (they both wanted it to happen so damn bad) and then they kinda just break down and devour each other

sanji smokes. so so much. yes smoke is very sexy and as an artist and animator it is awesome to have a smoking chara because he looks sexy as fuck all the time but goddamn someone get this man a non cancerous hobby. i do like that it parallels zoro's drinking though ... they both have their vices ^_^

obsessed with the idea of sanji being similar to chopper where he's read rlly easily in terms of love stuff, but he notices this and gets embarrased and tries to hide it a little more visually. his pupils still turn into little hearts no matter what though and he's the type to full body blush whenever someone he's into touches him...

actually kind of pissed we don't ever get to see sanji cooking (i'm only on chap. 230 so i'm coping and thinking it's later). i feel like so much cld be explored thru him cooking.... the soma x sanji literally feeds me so hard i'm trying to pace myself otherwise i would tear thru it in an hour and be sad LOL

poor sanji always gets beat up but never seems to be the one getting taken care of in zosan fics. gimme anxious zoro sitting by the bed who tried to cook him breakfast for when he wakes up :')